Unsung Hero: Earnest Arroyo

Melissa NunezOpinions and Features Editor, The Southern News

Published: Oct. 9 2017

Executive Chef, Earnest Arroyo in Conn Hall at Southern Connecticut State University. Photo credit, Melissa Nunez.

In the bustling cafeteria at Conn Hall, hungry students line up between their classes to fuel up for the day—behind the counter is Executive Chef, Earnest Arroyo, who oversees food service operations.

Arroyo began working at Southern in November 2016. Since then, he has established gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian stations at Conn Hall. He added he has also worked with the chefs and bakers, helping them advance their skills.

Given the significant population of gluten free, vegetation and vegan students at Wesleyan University, Arroyo said his experience as their production manager of eight years helped shape some of the changes seen at Southern.

Before working at Wesleyan, Arroyo said he was not familiar with vegetarian or vegan cooking, but after some time he began to develop his skills.

“Before Wesleyan, I had no clue of the vegan or vegetarian culture, and it was up and coming and I worked at it,” said Arroyo…

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